Foundation Degree Media Production Year Two

Kieran Green, Emma Phippings, Eiliott Wynn, Alicia Reed

The Real Detectorists

Filmed on location at a secret location in Wales, The Real Detectorists’ this film reveals the story of two hoards of Bronze Age tools and weapons that were found in Monmouthshire in 2015. The hoard has since been declared treasure.

Metal detectorists discovered a collection of axe and spear heads, thought to be around 3,000 years old, in a field in Llantilio Crossenny. The items date back to 1000-800 BC. Lee Doyle, Liam O’Keefe, David Owen and John Thomas found nine bronze axe heads. The Brilliant Bronze Age is a community project, led by Monmouthshire Museums, working with metal detectorists, landowners and Coleg Gwent.