Musical Theatre Year Two

Ava Brook Haigh 

 I’m 18 and currently studying musical theatre at Crosskeys College. In the upcoming year, I’ll be studying ‘primary education BA hons with QTS’ at Cardiff Met University. I can’t wait to start this course and experience the Uni life.  I chose this song as ‘Grease’ is one of my favourite musicals and when I watched this musical for the first time, I loved the character ‘Rizzo’ and love the comedy behind her song ‘Sandra Dee’. 

Connor Whittaker 

 In this video I performed ‘Ease My Mind’ by Ben Platt. Ben Platt is a musical theatre Broadway star who starred in the original cast of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ and has also appeared in movies like ’Pitch Perfect’ and a Netflix series called ‘The Politician’.  

Ease my mind is about both his relationships with close people and his mental struggles. This means as well as it being fun to sing for me, it is also relatable on a personal level. 

After college I am going onto a foundation year in Manchester for a musical theatre drama school course. I am very excited to continue on this journey into my chosen career and I plan on eventually performing on the West End. 

Elijah Burris                                                  

For my lockdown piece I performed an acoustic verion of Godspell’s ’ beautiful city’. I played guitar and sang vocals; I chose to play myself rather than perform with a backing track to show how people have been practicing and trying new skills in lockdown. This song symbolises hope and new beginnings which I think we are all experiencing and will experience through the current situation

The first line of the chorus being ‘we can build, a beautiful city’, this line alone can relate to the rebuild of society and economy in future times. 

Next year I will be studying Musical Theatre (Triple Threat) at Chichester University. 

Elysia Dimitrakis  

I decided to sing a song as I am confident in that field. I struggled to find a song at first but I found a song I love to sing called ‘Reflections’ from the Disney movie ‘Mulan’. I have had positive feedbacks when I sing this song, so I think it was a great choice.  

I have been performing ever since I was two years old, in the show “The wizards of Oz” I have continued through my life performing in schools, drama clubs and college. For next year I will be continuing my singing lessons, drama clubs and start Maddog and hopefully the BBC. I will continue to learn my craft.

Emily Hawkins 

For my cabaret performance piece, I chose to perform the song ‘Somebody, Somewhere’ from the musical ‘The Most Happy Fella’. I wanted to record this number to display a contrast to the songs and characters I usually portray as an expression of my versatility as a performer and also my current longing to be reunited with my girlfriend, who I haven’t seen since the start of lockdown. I’ve been accepted to 2/3 of my university choices so far and am waiting to hear back from my first choice institution, GSA. 

Georgia Bird
I chose to perform a monologue from the play “The Oh F**k Moment” for our end of year lockdown project. This play is a comedy about a conversation with people who have messed up and are brave enough to admit that they have, so it’s a celebration of people’s mistakes. I chose a monologue from this play because I really like how they turned people’s embarrassing moments into something funny because everyone makes mistakes and sometimes, we just have to laugh about them. At the end of this year I hope to have gotten a job that includes aspects of musical theatre.  

Hannah Thomas

I sang There Are Worse Things I Could Do. I decided to sing this song as it is much more out of my comfort zone than performing a monologue. It is also from one of my favourite musicals Grease which was the first show I had seen onstage. Next year I will be studying Community Theatre at Cardiff Metropolitan University. 

Jake Jeremiah 

Officer Lockstocks solo parts of the Urinetown opening monologue. Lockstock is the 4th wall breaking narrator of the show, and in this portion he is providing the audience with all the exposition they need to understand the show. 

I plan to take a year off where I will work, earn money whilst performing in as many productions as possible while attending Singing and Dance classes so I can better prepare myself and my skills to apply for drama school to hopefully start my career in the performing arts. 

Mackensie Reardon

I chose to do the song ‘Andante, Andante’ from Mamma Mia 2, for the end of year lockdown project, for the simple reason of being obsessed with this movie/musical ever since I first watched it at the start of lockdown. I chose this song specifically, as I love the message behind the lyrics and the meaning of the title. ‘Andante’ means slowly in Italian, which, in the current times, is a perfect representation of everyday life. At the end of this academic year, I hope to find full-time work that incorporates musical theatre in some way. 

Mary Dean-Calnan
This piece that I have put together is a re-enactment of a scene set in a dating agency from a TV show called ‘The League of Gentlemen’. I have chosen to do this scene as I felt I could perform it well while also showing my versatility as an actress as I play two contrasting characters within the piece. I am taking a year out of education to think about what to do in the future however, there is a media production apprenticeship with the BBC that sounds quite appealing to me.  

Megan Elizabeth Tompkins   

The piece I have chosen to perform is a song from the musical heathers. I am singing the song “Lifeboat” which in the musical, is sung by Heather Macnamara. I decided to sing this song because I think it shows my range well and I can really relate to the song. 

Progression route: I am hoping to become a full-time singer at haven holiday parks, however I am currently performing on weekends in pubs as a solo artist, which is something I really enjoy. I hope to continue performing in the future and open my own amateur dramatics group. 

Tomas Edmunds

My piece is a satirical monologue from a play called ‘White people’ written by J.T Rogers, in this monologue my character is being racist toward black people, but also accepting what he’s saying as he knows he can’t change that black people are a part of his ‘community’ he feels a strong irritation toward minor things he sees, and voices his concerns with his chest to a fellow white coworker. 

In the next academic year I will be studying at West London University, to study a BA in Acting.