Performing Arts

Ben Wright

Due to the unfortunate events of lock down, we decided to put on a performance cabaret. We had to submit a short video of something based within performing arts. 

For next year I hope to push myself further and challenge myself. I bought some tap shoes because since the start of the year I’ve been intrigued in tap dance, so I hope to learn some tap and work on my overall dance technique. For singing I’m currently using resources online to help improve my singing technique. As for acting I feel as if that’s my strongest point and that I will improve on that by learning different techniques and was of acting. 

Caitlin Wait

I am studying Level 3 Performing Arts. My piece is a dance to the song ‘Out of the Old’ by Olivia Rodrigo and is about following you dreams, stepping out of the old things into bigger and better things and finding yourself. For my next academic year, I will be going back to Crosskeys College to start my second year of Performing Arts and have chosen to take Musical Theatre as my focus to work on my dance and improve my singing skills. 

Chloe Yemm
For this project I have decided to do a Monologue from the book ‘White Open Spaces’ by Francesca Beard. The monologue I have chosen is from chapter ‘Completely See-Through’. The part I am using for the monologue is when the character, Melanie, is in a taxi talking to the driver about her experience of a wedding she had just left, and she also explains her experience of wearing a see-through dress.  

For next year, I want to do my second year of Performing Arts in Crosskeys College then I am hoping to go to University or a Drama school.

Courtney Fulton 
This monologue is based off a TV show Glee where Rachel and Finn, are talking about how they need to go their separate ways. I chose this monologue for the lockdown project because I think it’s a strong monologue and it allows me to use skills that I wouldn’t normally use.

Next  year I will complete the 2nd year of my level 3. I aim to challenge myself further by going for auditions that are available. From there I will either go into further education in university or get an agent to be able to get auditions for TV and film. I think I would like to do musicals in the future I think that I will want to sing as well because acting and singing has been the main priority of mine.

Dylan Barry

My piece is from a short script called ‘Dark Place’. I chose this piece as I feel it outlines softly the fact we are all hiding inner demons and fighting them day by day. It also shows the people who lose this battle but comes away from a usual psychopath who doesn’t realise he’s insane, this character is different as they do not fail to see their madness. Next year I am going on the year 2 of level 3 to improve on my skills as a performer and ready me for university and drama school.

Elen Parry

For my lockdown project piece I’ve decided to submit a dance.  

The music I’ve chosen is ‘All I Want’ by Olivia Rodriguez and is a slow, melodic song about heartbreak and growing from it. I choreographed the piece by blending ballet and lyrical as they’re both slow and expressive styles whilst elements of pointe-work still allowed it to be technically challenging.  

Next year in college, I am looking forward to completing my second-year musical theatre course. I hope to further expand my range of dance styles as well as develop in my other disciplines.  

Eva Lavender
I am enjoying my course as performing is something that I love doing. The amazing teachers and facilities given to me at Coleg Gwent make the course even more enjoyable for me. Here is a video of me singing ‘Read all about its by Emilie Sande. Next year I will continue my studies at Coleg Gwent into my second year of level 3 Performing Arts and then hopefully go on to study Musical Theatre in either University or Performing Arts School.  

Frederick Bingham 

I performed two different monologues. The first I wrote myself and the second originates from the musical “Punk rock”. The first monologue discusses the differences between infatuation and an authentic, romantic connection, as well as what it means to be in love and whether or not it is even feasible. The second is a rant regarding the many issues that run rampant throughout society, as well as ideas of nihilism and hatred towards mankind. 

I intend to continue studying at Crosskeys College in order to improve my performance skills in all three disciplines being acting, singing and dancing. 

Kenisha Taylor  

The style of choreography I chose was modern contemporary. It is to a song called ‘Black Swan’. The meaning being how a dancer dies twice, but the first time is more painful’. The artist of the song I danced to have their own personal meaning, ‘facing the fear of a point in time if their music and performance do not reach the same level of meaning and excitement for them’ 

Progression route: I will be staying in college for my 2nd and final year of Performing Arts before taking the opportunity to hopefully go to university for further education. 

Lewis Bailey-Robson 

I have chosen to perform a monologue from the film Kill Bill Vol. 2. In this particular monologue Bill is comparing his former lover, Beatrix, to Superman. In the context of her being a strong and powerful person underneath a façade she was using to stay hidden from him. 

In the coming months I will hopefully be advancing to my second year of Level 3 and I am looking forward to advancing my performance skills even more. Not only using what I already know but also learning new techniques too. 

Louisha-Dee Hughes

My name is Louisha-Dee Hughes and for my Cabaret Performance Piece I chose to perform a monologue. In this monologue, it shows a girl speaking about how she is percieved as being shallow and she then goes on to speak about her current relationship problems. I wanted to perform this monologue as I wanted to show that I am versatile and wanted to challenge myself by playing a character that I normally would not. Next year, I am going to continue on the Performing Arts course, and then I plan on studying either acting or musical theatre at University

Markie Cobley
My project is a singing video of the song Everything I Know from In the Heights. The reason I chose this particular song, is because it’s sung by Nina about Abuela Claudia who became a surrogate grandmother to many of those living in the Barrio and following her death. As someone who has lost a grandmother too, I felt like I was able to connect with Nina and what she is trying to convey and the pain she feels through the music. Next year I hope to continue on the Year 2 Performing Arts, specifically on the Musical Theatre route!

Niall Humphryes 
I’m performing a Monologue from the show wings to fly that was made for teaching kids about the danger of drugs and has been running for more than 20 years and shown to all year sixes in the area. The character I’m reading is Splood a troubled teen with dreams of being in a band. I’ve performed in this piece 2 years running now and really love being in it, especially since I watched it when I was young. My plans for next year are to continue with the performing arts course and after hopefully into a drama school .

Sophie Jones  

I have chosen to do a monologue piece from the classic chick flick mean girls. I am doing a monologue scene as the character Regina George who is the main mean girl of the story. In this scene she is talking to cady about Janice and why she is no longer friends with her, in this scene she is mean and also just speaking badly of Janice and spreading rumours. I chose this piece because it is a fun and is a different character as I’m used to playing.

I hope that I will continue my journey with Level 3 performing arts in year two to better myself and to further my studies, I hope that next year I will have the chance to build more confidence while bettering my work and learning new skills. 

Aneira-May Evans

Kyle Catalla