Foundation Degree Illustration Year One

Alisha Davies 

The work I have chosen has come from two different projects in the year, the first project was with the Gwent Police for a Christmas safety campaign, and the second is for Beehive illustration of three classic children’s books. These illustrations helped me to develop my understanding of the use of colour in my work and to improve my digital skills. In the next year, I am going onto my second year of the course and I am planning to experiment more with styles and media to diversify my work and improve my skills in my usual style. 

Amy Moody                            

Living Levels 

For my project Living Levels I have produced 12 illustrations of different species that live in the living levels in Gwent. These are my favourite pieces I have created during this academic year, since the whole set look cohesive and captures my style. I tested out different media and used the one which looks most realistic to the animal, which meant I did not use the same techniques for each species. However, I did use ink for all the background since I wanted a soft, almost blurry background of their habitat. Some species did blend in so I created a white border, giving an almost sticker effect to make them stand out.  

Next year I am progressing onto the 2nd year of the FD Illustration course and want to further improve my own style. I have a very large art style that changes a lot and I want to find the best one for me and to fully commit to making my style recognisable.  

Angelina Barnett 

I have just finished the first year of my Illustration Foundation Degree and am looking forward to my second. This is a selection of work I created for my live project with Our Living Levels, who aim to reconnect people to the heritage of the Gwent Levels. We were tasked with illustrating twelve species relating to the Gwent Levels. I drew each species with pen and ink and digitally manipulated them in Photoshop, to create unusual and striking final pieces that I hope will bring pleasure to others. I thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope to have the opportunity to work with this client again in the future. 

Emily Nicholls  

These four pieces are some of my final outcomes for our most recent project which was a live brief with the Gwent Levels. These illustrations are of a bullfinch, an ivy be, a tawny owl and a glow-worm. We were required to produce 12 illustrations of 12 different species using any illustration techniques. I chose to use a combination of graphite pencils and watercolour paint for my final illustrations. In the next academic year I will be progressing on to my second year of the Foundation Degree Illustration course at Crosskeys.  

Eve Morgan  

Gwent Police Project (Elf and Safety).  

For this brief I had to create five illustrations showing different crimes which might happen during christmas. I decided to use a naughty elf to portray this in a digital paper cutting style. 

Children’s Book Covers Project 

For my next Brief I was assigned  to create 3 children’s book covers for the ages; 0-3, 4-7 and 8-12. The books I decided to go with which suited best were; The Ginger Bread Man, Meg and mog and Treaure island. 

Live IIlustration brief for the ‘By Eva’ Truffle Company. 

This was a live brief for a client who wanted illustrations for her company. We created business cards and illistrations to be used on leaflets. 

RSBP (Living Levels Project) 

This are some of my best illustrations from  the 12 species drawings for the RSBP project. I decided to put the illustrations into hexagons.  

I have really enjoyed this first year of this Illustration course. I have leant new digital skills; Illustrator and Procreate. I am looking forward to be carrying on with this in the second year.   

Kyrie Cox 

These illustrations were apart of the ‘Wetlands Project’. I created these pieces in the style of vintage 1950’s anatomy. I wanted to give a lino cutting style using procreate. I wanted to share these pieces as they are the best work I have created in my first year of illustration. I was finally able to find my style of art and how I present my art with vivid lines as detail. I’m looking forward to finalising my style more in the second year of illustration. Each of my pieces were created using procreate and lino printing. 

Sarah Dixon 

For this exhibition, I have selected 10 of the 12 Illustrations created for the Living Levels ‘Wild Watch’ project. The aim of this project was to create a set of Illustrations of different species. I decided to create these illustrations as a set of tarot cards, gathering inspiration from vintage illustrations. Each illustration was created using watercolours and fineliner, allowing me to capture a worn vintage aesthetic. The text and card template were added digitally. 

Next year I hope to progress on to my second year of University, where I can continue to develop my Illustration skills and artistic style.  

John Phillips

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