Foundation Degree Illustration Year Two

Kayleigh Bryant  

Scaredy Cat Illustrations  

These illustrations were created for a live brief from Petra Publishing. The brief was to create five double page spreads for a book called ‘Scaredy Cat’. I was interested in the story and the characters. I fell in love with the main character Georgie and when reading about his personality I thought of making him a small British blue short hair kitten. I created my illustrations digitally, using an iPad and Procreate app and enjoyed using the old paint brush tool and used three different shades of blue to create Georgie’s coat texture. My favourite page is Georgie looking into the fishbowl meeting the goldfish for the first time.  

Progression: In September I will hopefully be going on to my third year of illustration with USW in Cardiff.  

Lewis Davies 

This is the project that I’ve been working on for the work placement module during my time on the FD Illustration course. From January until the end of April I’ve been working independently by creating some concept art and character designs for a film idea. I have been working and developing this project since 2010; It was inspired by the story from Jules Verne and this idea is called “The Warlords of the Moon”. Since the deadline I continue to develop the film idea in hope to get it made into a full animated feature length film. Whilst doing this I hope to continue my studies on another FD course, Creative Media. 

Lucy Crump

‘National Trust Tredegar House Project’ 

These are the final designs for my live project with the National Trust, Tredegar House. I have included my concept designs of the characters I designed for children, and the tree and fruit illustrations for the adult visitors. 

I created two versions of a trail map for both children and adults, factual signs including my characters and information about Tredegar House and its history and, activity sheets for children. Hopefully, my final designs will encourage visitors to explore further during their visit to Tredegar House, as well as help them enjoy their visit even more. 

I am continuing my study at the University of South Wales, Cardiff in September to complete my degree in Illustration. 

Mia Lloyd 

Pirate Puw’s Quest 

This is a select collection of illustrations I created while collaborating with children’s book publisher, Petra Publishing. The story focuses on the character Pirate Puw on a quest to find the best childcare for his two children. 

My goal is to become a successful children’s book illustrator, so this project was the the perfect opportunity to showcase my skills. To help make my dream a reality, I will be furthering my education by studying at USW Cardiff in the in the next academic year. 

Mica James 

Comic Book/Gwent Police 

I worked with Gwent Police to produce a short comic book that was suitable for children. The client wanted me to develop police officer related characters whom appear as superheroes. This is a way to show children that the police are there to protect them from crime, showing them that they do not need to fear the police. I am very passionate about comic books and it is an industry I would like to work within the future. I will continue to practice my comic illustration and hopefully 2D animation skills throughout my upcoming third year at University of South Wales, Cardiff.  

Paige Jenkins 

This project was a live brief for the comic company Deadstar Publishing. We could make a comic for an existing story or create a short story ourselves that would fit into an existing universe called ‘Age of Savagery’. I chose to create my own short story and my own characters. My vision was to create this mystery around the rituals that the Obsidan tribe perform within their volcanic environment. 

The next steps for me is to attend the third year of this course in the University of South Wales to achieve a full degree. 

Shania Blanchet  

Project: For this project, I was asked to design, the protagonist, antagonist and the NPC’S. I created Kriss the multi-tool, King Carrot with Kriss’ golden arm/ fork, the friendly onion villagers and the enemy frog cabbages. 

I also designed a waterfall made of cookie cliff and orange juice instead of water, a salad forest with a potato dog hanging of a fallen cucumber log and a vegetable village with a gold statue of King Carrot in the centre.  

Progression Route: I plan to go onto the top-up third year of the Illustration course at the University of South Wales, Cardiff. 

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