Foundation Degree Illustration Year Two

Alisha Davies

My final project I decided to base around surface pattern after completing a surface pattern project earlier in the year, and I fell in love with them. I have created 8 patterns over the course of this year for different target audiences, themes, and occasions. I created these patterns on my iPad using Procreate, with the addition of Photoshop to bring the patterns together. I am not continuing onto the third year at this moment due to personal circumstances, but I am actively applying for jobs in the field of illustration in hopes of kickstarting my career as an illustrator.

Amy Moody

For this year I was challenged in many ways. I was pushed out of my comfort zone by working on a children’s book food a company and to help another student design characters and concepts for a horror game. As an artist, I always enjoy learning and developing my skills and found that these tasks were a perfect way to do just that. For my next academic year I would love to widen my social circle and try to get some work experience with a larger range of people. The previous work I have done made me realise that I love to try and make others ideas a reality. So, I shall be setting myself a personal task to do more work for other people and continue to push myself as an artist.

Angelina Barnett

This is a selection of the illustrations I created for my Creative industries work placement module. I worked with a children’s book publisher ‘Bear With Us’. The book I was tasked to illustrate was called ‘The Magic Broom.’ This was the first time I had ever illustrated a children’s book. Even though it was extremely challenging, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am hoping to get the book published which is so exciting! Something I can keep forever. I hope to get the chance to illustrate a children’s book again. In September I am starting the final year of my BA (Hons) Degree in Illustration at the University of South Wales. 

Emily Nicholls

In my final project I worked on a live brief where I created 8 surface patterns for children, accompanied by a series of product mock-ups for each. I chose to use an iPad to digitally draw all the illustrations for this brief. I chose a range of different themes, with an intended target audience ranging from toddlers to teenagers. I then used these patterns to create the product mock-ups by digitally applying them to stationery and other products. Next year I will be progressing onto the final year of the course at University of South Wales to complete my degree.

John Phillips

For my final project, I worked with the Living Levels project on a series of graphic novel inspired stories to be published on the website as a way to show the history of the area, they have been one of my favourite briefs to work on and have acted as a way to expand my portfolio, trying a new style and format. My favourite page is the ‘Prehistoric Gwent Levels’ as it’s a part of history I’ve been interested in since I was a child. Working with the Living Levels project is always a pleasure and I hope I get to come back for more projects with them.