Foundation Degree Photography Year One

Russel Vaughan  

The images chosen to exhibit are from my second project that was given to us within year 1. The valleys project gave me the chance to explore landscape photography, these are 8 photographs that I feel are the strongest ones I have taken so far to date. They show how the area changed after being affected by the closure of the mine that is now sunk underneath. I will be looking forward to the adventure of the second year at Coleg Gwent and completing onto year 3. 

Charlotte Vaughan

The images I have chosen for the online exhibition are from my first module completed in year 1 – Photography and the real.  I chose these images because I feel it shows very real photography.  This series of imagery include photos taken at our local Shotokan karate club situated at The Engine house, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, taken during a training session the images show the discipline and respect each member of this club shows towards their Sensei.  Something which isn’t usually caught on camera.

I am looking forward to returning to Coleg Gwent for year 2 of my course in September and furthering my experience to continue on to year 3.

Rhianne Hillier

For my end of year show, I have chosen to display my project on ‘a sense of place’ that I thoroughly enjoyed doing in my year 1 of the Photography Foundation Degree. In this project I created 6 cyanotype images to exhibit a sense of place.  These images were taken at Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr Tydfil as well as Silent Valley Nature Reserve and the Keepers pond on Blaenavon mountain. The project was based on cyanotypes as you can see by the images that I have created. I chose Cyfarthfa Castle for my imagery because it is a piece of history that is important to the local area. The other two locations were chosen due to it being a very popular tourist attraction.

I intend to complete my foundation degree and to achieve to become a clinical photographer.

Andrew Richards  

Town Centres

These images concentrate on the community “hubs” within the main towns of Blaenau Gwent; Abertillery, Brynmawr, Tredegar and Ebbw Vale.

These town centres display varying degrees of both decline and regeneration. Once regarded as the heart of our communities, town centres were the main source of daily resources for people and were busy hives of activity over many years. Traditional necessities such as bakers, banks, grocers and butchers are becoming fewer on the high street and people, now more mobile, seek the “one stop” solution to obtaining their weekly needs. Brynmawr for example used to have a thriving Saturday market which, in turn, had a knock-on effect on town centre trade. The markets in Ebbw Vale and Abertillery still run but are a shadow of their former existences and the Tredegar market has long since disappeared.

My town centre images seek to portray this battle with decline and resurgence as businesses emerge, sometimes fail and succeed. Shops can be seen in various states of repair, dilapidation and refurbishment, alongside smart out-of-town retail developments that meet the needs of the more mobile populous. Why shop in town with your basket when your car boot or computer is far more convenient? Why queue for the bank clerk when ATM’s or cash back at the checkout is so much easier?

Submitted as part of the first years’ work for the Foundation Degree in Photography I intend to build on this to complete year two and hopefully achieve the honours degree.

Kerys Griffiths

This selection of ten images is part of my project for The Valleys Archive.  I captured images showing an overview of Ystrad Mynach.  Ystrad Mynach was a large part of my childhood and my images show some significant buildings within the village and how they have been renovated in recent years.  This is just a small selection of my overall project but some of my favourite.

Next year I plan to continue my studies and complete my foundation degree in photography.  I am also hoping to broaden my photographic skills and develop them for future projects.

Bethan Morgan

Here are six images I produced for my ‘photography and the real’ module. The images show the bond between the younger and older generation in my family. I chose black and white as it gives the images a sentimental and timeless feel. This was my favourite module as I enjoy capturing real moments between people. These moments often live-in memories without a visual, I aim to create images that hold emotion for the people in them and others who view them.  I am looking forward to continuing the course next year and creating new projects. 

Louise Probert-Beman

Maddie Perkins

For my project “Photography and the real” I decided to photograph the relationship between father and daughter. I made use of my daughter and her dad for this project and captured some images of them in some of our favourite family spots. 

I was really pleased with these images and the moments I managed to capture. I feel I have shown their bond well though these images and by them being edited in black and white takes away any excess distraction and allows the viewer to focus on the relationship that can be seen. 

During the course of the next year I will be returning to complete the 2nd year of my Foundation Degree in Photography. I am really looking forward to widening my photographic ability and experiencing some work with clients.

Shauna Davies

The project ‘Photography and Illusion’ is a set of images that were shot in a way that makes the image appear magical or nonrealistic. It is a way of expressing your creativity by creating something imaginable and interesting to the eye. This project was inspired by Dina Belenko whose work caught my eye straight away due to the vibrance and magic it held. I decided to experiment with photoshop and create something that I have never done or attempted before. This project was a lot of fun as I learnt new things about myself as a photographer and also learnt some new and beneficial skills along the way. My main aim was to create something magical and interesting by including colourful objects and techniques that make the images look as if they were floating.

Teifion Smith

Below are my personal favorite shots from my valley’s legacy series. For this module I decided to take shots of various places in my village. The images (in order) are of St. Theador’s church, a standalone tree near my home, a view from “zig zag mountain”, an inside look of the local pharmacy, a rundown Pioneer hotel and finally a shot of the street that I grew up in.