Foundation Degree Photography Year One

Andrew Breading  

This exhibition is about “Autocollants”, the stickers in Paris. These stickers range from advertising to political messages to seemingly random graffiti, but there does not seem to be a pole that doesn’t have at least one on. I’ve always liked street art, and this is another example of where one man’s vandalism is another man’s art. 

Whilst in Paris, I took hundreds of pictures of the graffiti. This series is a selection of my favourites. 

I’m looking forward to the second year of my Foundation Degree starting in September, hopefully we will be back in college at Crosskeys. 

Andrew Griffiths  

The images I have used for this end of year show are from my project The Valleys.  I choose images that I thought would be a great contribution to the show.  These ten images consist of Bargoed town centre and the new and old architecture that Bargoed has to offer.  I have had the honour of Mark Arkless reviewing these images however, I feel they deserve a bigger audience and l hope to get a wider response to my work.  

I intend to complete my foundation degree in photography, and eventually obtain an Honours Degree.   

Alicia Malnati 

I created a series of six images that convey the concept of a relationship. A series that tell a story. I want to become more aware of the process of Photography. With objects I would like to create emotive photographs that represent my own personal experiences with grief. My belief is that objects left behind are representative of the person they once belonged to and I would like to document the attachment between the objects and their now owners.

Next year I will be completing my 2nd year in Foundation Degree Photography at Coleg Gwent. 

Anthony Jones  

For the end of year show, I am contributing my recent project called “Isolation”. This illustrates the effect lockdown is having on places that are usually teeming with activity.  

This is a new style for me, and I am really enjoying it.  I would like to continue with this specific project  and intend to document the lifting of lockdown and eventually the end of the pandemic.  I hope to create a book using this project at a later stage. 

Charlie Hannah 

‘Life in Reflection’

I’ve never found it easy to approach people and take their photo, if I’m honest I don’t find it easy to photograph people. I’m not a fan of portraiture the results often look unnatural and false and the subject looks ill at ease. 

In this series I have used windows and mirrors to capture my subjects completely unaware as they go about their day, none the wiser as to having had their photo taken. The images in this series were taken in several locations ranging from Cardiff, Lapworth, Paris and Talbot Green.  

Next year I will be completing my 2nd year in Foundation Degree Photography at Coleg Gwent.  

Humera Faisal  

My Journey

For this end of year show I have decided to combine my best images from various modules over the past years.  I have enjoyed creating these pictures and have lots of good memories with my images.  

I am very excited for this coming year. During my first year I was new and bit shy, but now after one-year study, I feel confident and strong. I have learnt lots of new skills and next year I plan to practice and further my photography skills.   

Jessica Jackson

These photographs were taken on the Paris trip in January.  Going abroad with the degree class and our tutor was such an amazing learning experience. The photographs I have chosen are the ones that remind me of the emotions that I felt while I was there, the amazing city with its mix of modern and old captured with the amazing light that brings the place to life. 
Next year I will be completing my 2nd year in Foundation Degree Photography at Coleg Gwent. 

Joshua Honarmand 

For this show I have combined my favourite photoshoots from this year.  

These images are a combination of people that I asked to come to the studio along with people that have approached me for a photoshoot. These are not formal shots, and I have improvised with lighting and have experimented with composition and posing.   

Next year I will be completing my 2nd year in Foundation Degree Photography at Coleg Gwent. 

Kathryn Davies 

These images are from my ‘A sense of place’ project. This project aimed to capture images that illustrate the title. I chose to shoot this project based upon trees and forests to represent my sense of place. I believe that the location I chose is really calming and relaxing and has a lovely atmosphere, this is my representation of a ‘sense of place’. I captured different angles in order to create interest.  

I intend to continue my foundation degree and will complete the second and third year of my studies.  

Kayleigh Palmer 

Relationship – Journey 

The Relationship between a person and the paths of their life 

Future. Guidance. Loneliness. Mystery. Uncertainty. Excitement. The unknown. 

Each image has its own story within, but together they can build up a whole novel, mutually showing a journey, and reflecting the relationship between an individual and their life.  

This project was brought together with the aim that you can make it your own, that everyone and anyone can identity their own story and emotions within these photographs. 

In the next academic year, I intend to further my photography skills.  

Michelle Dare

I decided to pick my images for the end of year show from the field trip we went on in October, which was down Cardiff Bay. I chose to do them in black and white as I feel they have more of a dramatic affect. I walked around the bay taking different photos of the different landmarks and picked these ones which I feel are the best. 

I have enjoyed my first year and  will be progressing onto the second year of my degree in photography at Coleg Gwent. 

Samantha Watson  

I spent a lot of my childhood running through the arches of a viaduct and looking up to marvel at its height, wondering how it was built and placed, just here, behind my house.  The viaduct has always been a constant in my childhood.  The visual start to my day’s adventures, the quick sign that I’m not far from home even though I feel like I’ve travelled miles. The end, guiding my way home after a hard day playing, exhausted and hungry.  They now bring back the fond memories of innocence and this wild abundant freedom to explore. 
Next year I will be completing my 2nd year in Foundation Degree Photography at Coleg Gwent. 

Ron Lines

These images are from my Valleys project, they depict regeneration around the area of Ebbw Vale. Most of the images show the old steel works area and the new buildings that were built on this area including the college, leisure centre and mechanical link paid for by European funding.  

One of the better things for residents was the Ebbw Vale to Cardiff Railway passenger service. 

Also shown are a pleasant view of the ponds on the 1992 Garden Festival site today a haunt of many anglers. Views of Blaenavon including its major tourist attraction of Big Pit and an area of future regeneration are also shown.  
Progression: Onto 2nd Year of the Photography Foundation Degree at Coleg Gwent 

Sasha Hill 

Them Back Lanes’ 
An insight into the back lanes of Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent. 
The back lanes have long been forgotten and have the sense of “out of sight, out of mind” with many falling into disrepair. The walls have the characteristics of sedimentary rock, with layers being built upon layers, over the decades. 
These lanes, appearing grubby and abandoned to most, are the veins of this town. 
Walk with me… 
Progression: Onto the 2nd year of Photography Foundation Degree at Coleg Gwent.

Tracy Hannah 

Parisian Life 

Known as “The City of Light” or “La Ville Lumiѐre”, Paris has a distinctive style all of its own, along with its residents. With an individual flare and a zest for life the Parisian people are full of character and passion. Using the medium of black and white photography I have captured a true reflection of people that live and work here. It is simply… “Parisian Life”.

Next year I will be completing my 2nd year in Foundation Degree Photography at Coleg Gwent. 

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