Games Design Year Two

Aaron Blake

My name is Aaron, I am in my second year of games design and primarily focus on the game art/visuals side of games design. During my time in this course, I have greatly improved my modelling skills and hope to further my skills when I attend university and hopefully build a career in game art.

Cameron Margetts

Hello, my name is Cameron Margetts and I have been studying games design for 2 years. In the last year I have been focusing on a lot of environments building and I have also continued to investigate Hard Surface modelling. Using Primarily Maya and substance to produce my models whilst using Unreal Engine to create realistic environment Using both my own assets whilst utilising tools such as Quixel Mixer and Bridge. The course has opened lots of career opportunities up as I move forward onto my university years.

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Kyle Bleakley

My name is Kyle Bleakley I have been studying Games design for nearly 2 years I have learnt a lot of skills with teamwork budling and production within games design. It has been fun and challenging however sticking through the burnout and developing new ideas has been something else it really has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy playing games have done for years but breaking them and seeing how finished a product is and seeing a plethora of different worlds and delve into loads of different lifestyles. I am going to pursue Esports on a UNI level to further my knowledge in business and online appearance while playing games at a competitive level.
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Michael Blackburn

Hey! My name is Michael Blackburn, and I am currently attending a Level 3 games design course where I am working on improving my skills in 3D modelling and Video game creation. My chosen speciality in the games industry is 3D environments as that is what I enjoy doing the most. This means that a lot of my projects have been more focussed on the environments than the other aspects. However, this does not mean that I have not enjoyed creating games and coding in Unreal Engine.

I have had a lot of fun over the past two years and I am planning on going on to attend the Foundation degree course that will be hosted at my college. This will let me further my knowledge and improve my skills in games design before I hopefully move on to working in the Video game industry.

Rebecca Davies

Hi, my name is Rebecca Davies I’m currently about to finish my second year for Level 3 Game design where I have been able to develop different skills from 3d modelling to vfx and trailer editing.
Throughout the 2 years I have really enjoyed 3D modelling and environment design and I am hoping that in the future I will be able to go on further with environment design and unreal effects. For my fmp this year I decided to make a low poly stylised environment with hand painted textures so that I would be able to showcase the skills that I have learnt throughout the two years as well as how environment design is something that I would like to continue doing. Next year I am hoping to carry on with Games design at Swansea university where I would be able to develop these skills even more to go into this industry.

The work I am referencing is from my FMP, some personal work I have done throughout the course as well as my showreel that showcases work from the Game Jam project..

Richard Sierpowski

My name is Richard Sierpowksi. I have been studying game design for 2 years. In the last 2 years I have learnt a great deal about the Game Design process and taken a substantial interest in programming as well as story concept. I have learned much regarding the modelling process.
Because of my interest in the programming side, I have decided for my final project, to create a simple game which I hope will show off the skills I have learnt over the years. This includes some simple models and programming techniques. The downside to programming is that it is not always obvious as to what has been done because it all exists underneath the art.

I have decided to continue my education within Coleg Gwent by continuing with the foundation degree available here.

Thomas Cadman

Hey, my name is Thomas Cadman a little bit about me I am on a game design course and next year I am hoping to get onto the UNI in Coleg Gwent and I am hoping that this will give me a pass. This is a small little game that I created and did most of the work. The name of the project is denial the reason I named it denial because the whole game has to do with loss in sense and I like to think that the atmosphere of the game represents the feeling of loss. The skills that I learnt doing this project are far folded. The high points are doing the menus and the modelling of the character another thing of this project that enjoyed was working with a concept artist Amy moody, the things that I struggled with was the motivation within the project but doing a different thing as world skills did help me focus on the stuff that I needed.

the first link is the model that I did for this project is the creature that Amy did concept, I am quite proud of this model because it is my second try at modelling a character and this one went much better; I think that the best thing that I did on this model was the head I am not exactly in love with the rest of the model also I did some sculpting on the head.

Honey Render – Work from spare time

Exploring the level in fog

(Click and rotate the 3D model below – Chair tester for world skills)

(Click and rotate the 3D model below – Monster Head for FMP)

(Click and rotate the 3D model below – Helmet)

Thomas Moreton

My name is Thomas Moreton, and I am currently studying games design. I have spent these last few years mastering my 3D skills and I have fell in love with my work. I enjoy doing all my models and I cannot wait to do more.
I am currently at the end of my college course and afterwards plan to go towards the 3D game and art university level Couse here at Coleg Gwent that will allow me to progress onto the university of South Wales.
I am currently in love with modelling but over the years I have even begun to create code and am enjoying that too! I look to use unreal engine 4 for all my coding but have been interested by learning other game engines like Unity.
Well done.

When I begin to 3D model I either begin with an idea or I make random shapes until something takes me interest and holds it. Currently I love 3D modelling steampunk machines because it will allow me to practice using pipes and my hard surface modelling skills. I also have adapted the low poly style when I started self-teaching how to use blender. I did this by 3D modelling and rigging a low Poly Dragon and island along with a 3D balloon.
Overall, my 3D modelling journey has been incredibly fun, and I cannot wait to keep learning, creating, and having fun!

Showreel One

William Pitman

My Name is Will Pitman, I have been studying Games Design at level 3 for 2 years now. For these past 2 year I have been learning to 3D model and texture and trying to master these skills. For the first year because of Covid 19 I was off most of the year and had to work from home and could not do much as software wasn’t working. When on this course I have learned about using 3D modelling software such as Blender and Maya to make assets and used the Unreal engine to build environments, I have also used Software such as bridge where I could source assets to aid me in building my environment.

For this Final project I am going to be doing a forest environment with a sword in the stone within the environment and intend to render an image of these scene for my final art show.

Some other work I have done on year 2 was I have completed a VFX project which I really enjoyed using the Niagra Particle system in Unreal and have some video footage of some particles I have made.

I have really enjoyed this course and now am coming to the end of the year; I have applied to university this year for Applied Cyber Security which is going a completely different route to this course and really want to see where it takes me!

Personal Work – Sword Overhead
Sword Render
Making Particles