Games Design Year Two

Meghan Bellamy

Throughout the Games Design course, I’ve challenged myself by learning new techniques and working with different genres for each project. For year 1 FMP, I tackled horror and creature design. For year 2 FMP, I learned about hand-painted textures/concept art for low-poly characters and props. In between that, I tried vehicle design and even designed and modelled a sci-fi robot for an animated trailer which I also got to storyboard.

Next Academic year I will be going to Staffordshire University. I’m working to become a concept and storyboard artist. I want to one day help create a little slice of escapism and entertainment on any medium for a YA audience to enjoy.

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Year 2 – The Truth Is Out There

K3V1N – Character Model

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Year 2 – World Skills – Tank Competition

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Year 1 – Final Major Project

Nathan Parfitt (World Skills UK Gold Medallist)

Project: Soaring Seas, an explorable small, 3D environment set in a world where floating masses of rock carry towns across the skies, passing by enormous ocean planets. Flying submersibles dive into the depths to bring fish back home to trade.

Included in the links document is a link to a backup YouTube upload of my level playthrough, and a Sketchfab model viewer page for the fish statue.

Progression Route: I plan on continuing to work on this project after college and building up my portfolio with another environment art project before pestering game studios in the UK for an internship.

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Fish Statue Model

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Elliot Redman

For the art show 2020 I will be show casing the 3D environment that I created for my year 1 FMP. The environment was created to be a photo realistic environment, and to show off the skills i have learnt during the first year of the Games Design course. The environment was created for a detailed screen shot and not as a level you walk around however it was built in the third person template so you can walk around if desired.
After I graduate from college, I will be attending Staffordshire University. The course I will be doing is Game Art. I am hoping that after finishing University I will be have the skills needed to get into the games design industry.

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Rhiannon Thomas

Description: This is the environment I created for my year 2 final major project. This is that last academic project completed before I begin university in September. I am incredibly happy with the outcome of my environment and think that I have displayed a huge improvement in my environment art skills, especially in comparison to my year 1 fmp environment.

Landscape created in WorldMachine, textures made in Quixel Mixer, Trees and bushes made in SpeedTree, Wood hut created in Maya. Final environment composed in UE4 and all other assets sourced from the Unreal Store and Quixel Bridge.

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Video Walk-through

Iwan Jones

Animation cycles that would appear in games such as walk, run, jump and more that appear in AAA games.

My next steps in life include going to Falmouth University to study game animation to understand how animation in games work and how they are implemented as well as having a better understanding at rigging.

From there I will find internships and apply at studios such as Ubisoft, Riot, Blizzard, Disney and more and because of that it will allow me to create connections at various studios to be able to get the good word and increase chances of being hired.

Year 2 – Showreel

Abigail John

Creating models in a variety of formats in order to test the limits of my creation. This includes creating models from my own concept art, others and no concepts.

I will then attend Falmouth University in order to study game development art in order to further my skills and learn more about the industry. While studying there I will build up a portfolio so that I can showcase my work while studying.

After University, I will try to get at internship at Square Enix as the course leader at Falmouth previously worked at Square Enix. As this is one of the dream companies that I would like to work for, I feel like this is a perfect lead into the gaming industry after 3 years of studying.

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Lantern Model

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Year 1 – Final Major Project

Butterfly Model

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Mushroom And Arch Model

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Sam Nicholls

This was my very last project that I did when coming into Year Two Games Design. We were tasked with creating our own game from new designs, alongside conducting research into designs to help us with our work. In the future, I intend to attend a university course in college and then move onto professional work as a 3D Environment Designer / Concept Designer. The reasons for this are my strong points are in designing environments and making them look and feel realistic as well as I’m good at brainstorming, researching and creating concept art, therefore that’s why I chose it.

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Joe Evans

I am currently in my second year of game design. These videos are compilations of different work that I have done both in college and out of college over the past two years, mostly showcasing the animation that I have done in both 2D and 3D mediums. These show how much I have improved during the time on this course.
After this course I am going to go to studying animation at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. I chose animation as the course I wanted to do as this was one of the roles that I really came to enjoy over my time on this course and what I hope to do as a career in the future.

Year 2 – Showreel

Year 1 – Showreel

Riley Lloyd

I have spent the last two years learning and creating many different things that tie into games design.

My career aspirations are to hopefully pursue a career within a game development company and a university course involving Games design will help me reach that goal.

I have had offers back from all the universities that I had applied for. I have accepted a course called Computer Games Design at The University of South Wales.

I have decided to showcase a few of the projects that I have completed over the two years, and a few things that I have created at home for some fun.

Year 1 – Final Major Project

Year 2 – Truth Is Out There Project

Danny Lewis

I created this piece after being inspired by Stefscribbles amazing work on twitter, I began creating the model (with permission by the artist), I found creating a simplistic model quite enjoyable along with making my own textures.

 I plan on going to university to further my education in games design whilst working on a design portfolio for future endeavors in the games design industry (Ideally the Japanese Games Design industry due to the demand and creative freedom)

Stef House (Original artwork created by Stefscribbles)

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Bradley Meyrick

For this project, I wanted to create an arcade-style skating game that is reminiscent of the skating games from the PS2 / Xbox generation. The game would feature a few maps with some interactive elements such as ramps, rails that can be grinded on among others.

When working on this game, I wanted to stray away from realistic graphics to instead focus on a more stylised look, mainly because the game would hopefully still look appealing years later visually, as games with realistic graphics from the PS2 / XBOX era tend to not age as well. Going forward, I intend on carrying on with game design at the University of South Wales and hopefully find professional work in the industry

Year 2 – Final Major Project

Year 1 & Year 2 – 3D Models

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Ben Morgan

The work that I will display for the lockdown project consists of images from my FMP from the first year of the course as well as images from the truth is out there project for the second year. The FMP is a Sci-Fi corridor and the second project is a Sci-Fi reception and corridor built from sourced assets. After this course I hope to progress onto a foundation degree run by USW and continue my studies at Cross Keys college and hopefully progress onto a full degree at the Newport campus for USW.

Year 2 – Truth Is Out There

Year 2 – Showreel

Kyle Chaplin

This model was based around a concept I had of a pet shop in space where the creatures inside would be strange mixes between two different animals for example a shark and a dog. I found that the model came out very well and I was quite happy with the outcome. In the future I am planning on going into university to develop my skills further and refine my work to be able to ready myself for a career where I would like to branch into 3D modelling full time as I find that modelling has been one of the most interesting.

Corbin Gilbert

This model was based around a concept I had of a pet shop in space where

For this project, I have created 3D models and textures for spaceships designed to be used in a game. The game would be a third-person simulator and would focus on player vs player combat. When designing the ships, I focused on making them look them more realistic. I considered things like how movement might work in a vacuum, and field of view for the different weapons.

I created the models using Maya and made the textures in Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Next year, I plan to continuing with my study of Games Design at University of South Wales, with the hope to eventually work as a professional in the industry.

Year 2 – Final Major Project

(Click and rotate the 3D models below)