UAL Art and Design Year One

Welcome to UALYr1 Art & Design. The work exhibited will give you an insight into this very versatile and innovative program of study. Through workshops, our students have been introduced to the skills and creativity needed to lay the foundations for their journey as artists, designers, makers, or creative professionals.

Their creative outcomes have been produced in workshop sessions, including photography, ceramics, print, fashion, textiles, illustration, digital art, and fine art. The student’s works are generated from a wide variety of employment and enterprise related briefs, contextual investigation, and diverse, independent personal investigation that have challenged and stretched their skills and thinking.

Our UAL students are encouraged to develop and grow on a personal and professional level. This broad and exciting educational experience gives them the skills and confidence needed to progress onto our second year of study in preparation for Higher Education or into employment and beyond.

Amy Flanagan

Ben Spruce

Bethany Duffin

This year for my work I started with the topic of 2, I looked into halves, natural symmetry, symmetry and a symmetry. My starting point were drawn ideas that I could develop into many out comes, i chose to look at prints and how I could incorporate this into other areas I learnt new techniques such as screen printing  I also used this techniques, I made other tiles too using  a relief method tiles. I found many ways to incorporate print techniques into other areas my favourite outcome is the hoodies I made that I printed and stitched onto.

Ceri Coles

Cerys Bridge

Cerys Oliver

Cerys Pope

From the chosen prompt “metamorphosis” I have created a large ceramic vase in the style of Grayson Perry. I used the pot as my canvas and created illustrations around the theme. The illustrations all represent my personal of how our governments are corrupt and how we are manipulated by these fake ideas and perfections that they push onto us and how they’re more harmful than they seem. I portrayed these ideas by using politicians metamorphosing them into bugs and creatures, pests. What they truly are. In the next academic year, I intend on moving onto the second year.

Chloe Bentham

Claire Wynne-Hughes

Emily Elizabeth James

Emily Jayne-Aubrey

Esther Taylor
The essence of a journey – My final major project

This piece has stemmed from the word ‘journey’ and has evolved into the idea of my personal journey as an artist. The number of squares is significant to my own front door and its glass panels. Each square depicts something I identify with or feel about my journey as an artist. These 9 squares have been made using a variety of textile techniques, and each square is representative of its own individual, handmade ceramic tile.

Georgia Grainger

The FMP is designed to provide us with an opportunity to use the skills, knowledge and understanding developed in previous units, to create an outcome. This unit provides an ideal opportunity for us to extend and develop the use of a personal reflective journal to record our ideas and perceptions in the development, execution and evaluation of the project. My next academic year will be very similar to this year, I will develop more skills that can be used in my FMP and I will create a larger body of work that can take me into different universities.

Georgia Hodge

Isabelle Cousins

Jasmine Clist

Jessie Evans

My inspiration for this outcome was opposites of love.  My two designs where Love birds and Monster birds, I came across this idea at first because of my photographs of the swans I took for my primary research. Although I like the concept of Swans, I later decided to change my design to smaller birds.

I also decided to make it reversible because I thought this would link in well with the theme.

My overall idea was to use bright colours that would match well with the patterns on both inside and outside of the bag. With the front looking pastel and softer, the inside was to be the embroidered and slightly darker. My ceramic hearts matched well with the colour of my bag.

Jordan Parry

Kasey Barrett

Kate Williams

Lucas Weeks

Megan Whitburn

Morgan Williams

Samual Nicholls

Tegan Haggerty

Tia Rees

The final piece I made for my Final Major Project was something to do with the 3D workshop area where I made sculptures with flowers linked to them. The inspiration I had for this final piece is that my theme I chose was metamorphosis and I did not want to go down the insect/animal change route, so instead I looked at change in life and in human’s life, I came up with the idea of faces that change during time and how buildings change over time where they become abandoned and overgrown with nature, so I thought it was a great idea to combine them both to make something new which is what metamorphosis is all about. For my final piece I made 4 different mini sculptures all with different overgrown designs with flowers, vines, and leaves. I made an extra piece for my FMP where I made a life size face and cut it in half and having flowers coming out of it, I thought that it would be a good combination to have 4 mini sculptures plus a life size face sculpture. I think my final piece for my FMP turned out well and I am proud of what I made.

Besides having my final pieces for my FMP, I made some nice outcomes in photography that I am proud of that link to my theme where I link flowers and faces by having flowers in the hair and slowly having the flowers grown in the hair like how an abandon object overtime overgrows with nature.

Urszula Byles

I chose the theme Journey’ embodied ‘Events’ also into my project. I decided on the idea of ‘Journey through Time’. I chose a 60’s denim jacket to create my final major piece, I also created my own 60s inspired pattern on the front of the jacket which was screen printed and sewn into along with a back panel which is collaged with a design inspired by the events of 2020 and 2021.

By next academic year I want to be in a position where I can apply for universities, to do this I have to progress in my skills and create a portfolio to present my work.