Foundation Degree Photography Year Two

Andrew Breading

I decided to concentrate on the Magor Marsh SSSI for my project. As travel there from my home was restricted during the various lockdowns, I first went there in early April as the reeds were at the end of their life cycle with the new reeds beginning to show. I took a variety of pictures that showed the beauty of the reeds. I decided to include a couple of cyanotypes of the reeds to as they show a beautiful alternative to photographs. I would encourage anyone to visit the beauty and tranquillity of Magor Marsh.

Andrew Griffiths

These images where captured for my final major project, titled ‘Under the Twmp’.  Over a period of a year, I captured images of my once home Ty-sign, situated in Risca, South Wales.  Looking at a small estate where I once played as a kid and grew into the man I am today, not only was I inspired by my past but thankful I had the experiences I did.  These images where also meant to go on exhibition as part of my fmp but covid 19 put a stop to that, so I am grateful to be able to show them online now.  You can also find more information on this project at

Anthony Jones

Horses prohibited is an in-depth look at the village I grew up in. We see lots of photos of the valleys but less so of the lower end of them so I wanted to show a different side to the valleys as well as the people who live there.

Im hoping that in my third year, I will be able to learn more skills as well as create more projects.

Charlie Hannah

I have chosen to show images from my FMP titled ‘Alone in my Head’. Detailing how I cope/deal with my Bi-polar disorder. When I am having an episode, I prefer to be alone and usually I just grab my camera gear and disappear out of the door, normally at night. I like the peace and solitude at night it allows me to gather my thoughts and evaluate what is going on to cause me to feel this way.

Coming to the end of Year Two, I have already enrolled for my BA and am looking forward to continuing my studies. I have a few ideas for my final major project which is unusual for me as I usually struggle for ideas.

Jessica Jackson

My series of images document my family life during lockdown. As like so many this was such a trying time for myself and loved ones. Photography was one of the main ways that I was able to keep myself sane. Taking the photos and editing them gave me a focus when I needed it the most. I now have a documentary study of this period in history, in my life I can not only share but also look back on and remember

Joshua Honarmond

This was my final major project for my course. I went around my area and took photos of things I’m familiar with in a different way. my different way was infrared photography then I silk screened them to make them more degraded but kept the originals within the series to show what it was before I converted it to silk screen. I then scanned them and played around with the colours, and this is what I got. 

Kayleigh Palmer
Looking Up – Newport

My aim for this project was to truly capture the full essence of Newport from an angle that is different to what is typically captured by our everyday eyes, photographing both Newport old and Newport new from below to invite others to open their eyes to our surroundings. This was one of a few mini-projects I created alongside my Final Project and that I hope to expand upon in the coming year. I intend to continue with this curse and complete my third year in this course and further my projects and skills.

Michelle Dare

For the end of the year show, I have selected images that I captured in April 2021 of the Natural Resources Wales Project, shown in black and white. I visited Fforest Fawr, a beautiful woodland located near Taff’s Wells. The woodlands consist of various walks and hidden wood carvings and caves that can be explored.

Also, I visited Castell Coch as it can be accessed from the woodland trails of Fforest Fawr. Castell Coch allows visitors to explore the history of the castle which has been maintained in its original state.

I have enjoyed my 2nd year and will be progressing onto the 3rd year of my degree in photography at Coleg Gwent.


Samantha Watson

The ability to focus on one task a day has helped alleviate feelings of worthlessness when depression and anxiety have taken over.   Each image has an area that is in focus to represent the daily task I set myself. The bigger the area of focus the bigger the task.  The surroundings and backgrounds are blurry and out of focus showing that at that moment anything beyond that given task is unimportant. 

Tracy Hannah

Domestic abuse is a subject that has come to light more and more over recent years.  It is not something people will talk about, hidden away as if it is not happening or has not happened.  There is no shame to admit that you have been a victim or survivor of this. The scars do not have to be physical; they can be mental and last a lifetime. These abstract images are a true reflection of my journey from the moment I found myself trapped in this world to the moment I managed to escape.