Foundation Degree Photography Year Two

Amanda Newman

I have wanted to be a portrait photographer for as long as I can remember. The ability to capture natural expressions fascinates me; you can see a life story within the expressions of the face and eyes and can convey true emotion and with body language.  Wanting to learn street photography has recently grown on me, and I want to learn more.   

Next year in Cardiff University I hope to develop my ability to capture real life with my camera, not only just click a button.  

Bethan Slocombe

For the exhibition, I decided to showcase my final project from Year 2. For this project, I ended up wanting to take photographs of dogs as I had never done anything like it before and wanted to set myself a challenge. My final photographs were taken using a portable lighting kit of my 3 dogs in 3 different rooms in my house and out in my garden. I am elated with my final 6 results. Next year, I have decided to do the top up year in the USW to further develop my skills.

Faisal Bilal 

Project Name: Cliff Faces of South Wales 

Cliff Faces in South Wales was the theme for my end of year show.  I choose Three Cliffs Bay, Dunraven Bay, Bridgend and Monknash beach, Glamorgan for my shooting destinations.  I have included six images for this show.  I tried to show different patterns and cliff faces in my images. It was a fabulous experience to shoot these beautiful cliffs.  I really enjoyed this opportunity. 

Next, I would like to complete a top up year, as I would like to improve my learning and photography skills through practice and study.   

Gideon Way 

For this project it was my intention to tell mini stories that make you think and connect with them using your own personal experiences. You are the storyteller. 
Progression: Next year I will be doing my 3rd year of my photography degree at the University of South Wales  

Leighton Baker

Salt printing. Started as a project that has turned into a passion.  

Creating prints with the techniques and methods used by the very first photographers nearly 200 years ago. 

I have always been fascinated by this aspect of photography and hopefully I can continue studying it in University of South Wales. 

Liam Rowe 

Staying Home

This Photographic projected shows how my nan has been keeping safe during lockdown. 

Over the many weeks of lockdown, I have left my home only to go shopping for my nan.  She is isolating to protect her heath.  As I continued to deliver her shopping, I started to document our interactions captured through the doorway. This project illustrates the truth of isolating alone.  It shows the struggles and hardship that people endure to protect themselves from harm, but also demonstrates that in times of isolation you’re not alone and people are always there for you.  

Next year I will be completing my 3rd year of my Photography degree at Solent University – Southampton. 

Matt Beeby 

 This series illustrates how my gran deals with her daily life and copes with the struggles of her health issues. I intended to show our relationship throughout this series and to illustrate the importance of family.  I included some images that I asked her to take when she went to Newport town. This created a true representation and gave an individuality to this project compared to others.  I know this is my best photographic project to date, and I’m very proud of my achievements. 

I plan to take a gap year and to document my travels with my camera. 

Sarah Harley 

I Can See a Rainbow is about Chromesthesia – a condition where sounds are seen as colours. 

Photography uses the sense of sight. Whilst other senses may be evoked when we see an image, they do not actually change what we see. However, for someone who has Chromesthesia a photograph is often not ‘true’. 

This project uses real life examples provided by people with Chromesthesia, along with props and digital editing techniques to imagine how the colours of sounds may be seen – it is very much photography as art. 

 I hope to progress to USW to complete my third year of study and obtain a BA (Hons) Photography Degree. 

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