Games Design Year One

Junelle Balanon (Wales Skills Gold Medallist)

My Name is Junelle and I am a Game Artist. I have a background in traditional and digital art. I’m not extremely technical when it comes to video game design, so I utilise my skills and interests in my ability to create interesting visuals through art. A lot of my inspiration and art style comes from childhood interests such as comic books, anime’s, films and video games that allow me to express myself. My time in the Games Design course at Crosskeys College was cut short due to the current situation of the world but I can definitely say that it has been amazing because I have been able to learn so much skills and knowledge within a short amount of time with the help of supportive tutors and the community they were able to build within the class. I hope to one day complete my studies in Game Art and work within the entertainment industry.

Induction Competition

Temple Competition

Work Completed in Spare Time

Cameron Margetts (Wales Skills Silver Medallist)

My name is Cameron Margetts and this is some of the work I have produced over the period of my first year at Crosskeys. I have various images with different pieces of work from my FMP, game development and asset pack projects. It also includes some models I have created for the Worldskills UK competition.

Next year I am hoping to learn more about modelling mainly hyper-realistic models and PBR workflows. Subsequently, this is what I have found most enjoyable throughout my time at college.

Final Major Project

Asset Pack and Game Development Project

(Click and rotate the 3D model below)

(Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Other projects

by ImLiteral on Sketchfab

Verity Ravenhill

Hello! My name is Verity and the work you’re viewing is pieces of concept art I created for my Year 1 Asset Pack and Game Development projects. They were inspired by many things, including my love of fantasy settings, RPG games and bright colour palettes.

I had fun creating these pieces for my team and I’m hoping to get to explore the concept art and writing side of game development even more as I progress onto Year 2 and then eventually on to university. One day, I’d love to work as a concept artist or scenario writer for games.

Asset Pack and Game Development Project

Michael Blackburn

Hi. my name is Michael Blackburn. I am a gamer at heart, and I love to play all sorts of different games with my friends. I am also really interested in possible future technologies as well as ancient civilisations and mainly base most of my work on these interests. When I finish my education, I hope to go on to be employed at a video game production company and to make models for upcoming games.

By the end of my first year of the course, I have learned a lot about game production and, with the help of my peers, have made some nice-looking environments with well-made and detailed models. I look forward to seeing what I will be able to achieve next year

For our Final Major Project of the year, the class was given free reign to make whatever 3D environment or 2D game demo that we wanted. For a long time, I have had a fascination with technologies of a space faring civilization. I decided to make a 3D environment where you would walk around a space station before coming to a central room where you would activate a button on a console and close up a dyson sphere that was visible out of the window.

Final Major Project

(Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Induction Project

This was the first 3D environment that I made in college as an introduction to 3D modelling. We were tasked with making a fully controllable tank that we could move in a custom 3D environment.

(Click and rotate the 3D models below)

Game Development Project

In this assignment, we were tasked in designing and animating a 2D character and setting up a small 2D game demo.

Thomas Cadman

The first model Is a helmet that I did for the first project; Asset Pack. The theme that I was going with this model is ‘Norse and underground mining’. What I really like about this model is the curvature of the horns, the main inspiration for the design were Norse animals such as goats.

(Click and rotate the 3D models below)

Final Major Project

The second model is a more recent on that I have done for FMP that I’m really proud, as I feel I was able to deliver from concept to 3D model. I was inspired by insects mainly centipede and crabs and other animals. This is the concept art that I used for modelling.

(Click and rotate the 3D models below)

Kyle Bleakley

Most people don’t understand why I am so proud of this model. I understand that. But it was this easy model that made me realised that I have achieved greatness in life to get to the point I am at. It seems silly but I kind of got the feeling I took the right choice for setting the pavement of my future and though this was a basic model the thought/creation process of it was really enjoyable most people think it’s the big things that gains people attention. But I knew the crystal would catch eyes. The light glow to it makes it stand out. It’s not in your face its subtle but the glow makes much more of a difference.

I am proud of this because it was the first model, I had full creative control of and also I tested my independence as I did this as a test model just to see if it would suite the overall feel which I had many doubts that it would but the life it brought was astounding and the team I was working with agreed that it added so much more colour to the map without taking up too much space.

Asset Pack Project

(Click and rotate the 3D models below)

Richard Sierpowski

Over the course I have learnt much and have gained a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation for the video game design industry along with its processes. Early on I created several 3D models that I have been quite proud of which I have uploaded and linked below:

(Click and rotate the 3D models below)

This was the tank model I created for the initial tank challenge when we first started.

(Click and rotate the 3D models below)

This was a bulkhead light that we had been asked to create during our sci-fi assets class.

But what I am most proud of is my Final Major Project.

For the project I had decided to create a Shoot em Up game. This involved a lot of research, art and programming. Due to the nature of the lockdown, I could not get into the same feel for work as when I am in college but overall, I am very proud of it. I have attached the design boards to the folder and created a video showcasing the level. I have yet to include any music or explosions but otherwise it is a good showcase of what I have managed to achieve in one year at college. Needs some settings tweaked as well.

I really enjoyed making it overall and can’t wait to do more game design when Year two starts.

Final Major Project