Games Design Year One

Bayley Hale

My name is Bayley Hale and I’ve personally had my sights on this course since year 10 after taking GCSE art. Overall my time spent in this course I’ve been able to Make Things that personally Interest me, Such as Character models, Mechs and start basic animation, Most of my inspiration comes from Anime and Manga with the overall designs of most of my models. As one of my main Reasons for joining this course was to be able to make indie games. As of now I’m confident in my skills of achieving My goals.   

(Click and rotate the 3D model below)

(Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Natasha Colclough

Hi there! My name is Natasha Colclough, and I am currently finishing off my first-year learning all there is to create games. So far, my favrioute area has been 3D modelling and texturing anything from a tank to an archway to a tree. I have learnt a lot of new skills I wouldn’t even know a year ago from using new softwares to understanding what makes a good game. Before starting the course, I thought animation was the way to go but so far, I have enjoyed almost every topic, but 3D modelling beats them all for me. 

I was also able to give my love of video games and drawing through concept art into this year’s work and would like to explore more with this in the future. My goals are to continue strengthening my skills in college, compete in wales or worlds skills competitions and enjoy my time on the course! 

For my FMP I wanted to create a low poly environment using hand painted textures, sadly due to the situation of the world right now I wasn’t able to finish it to a standard I wanted but am proud that I could start it and research/create the low poly assets and independence in using the skills I have. I didn’t realise how far my skills and work could be improved in such little time, I aim to continue this into university and into the game industry. 

(Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Kai Douglas

My name is Kai Douglas, I have been studying game design for almost a year now and during my time I have developed skills in animation, texture creation and 3D modelling, I have had the most success with 3D modelling as this is not only my favourite field but also the one I picked up the fastest. For my FMP I had planned to create an entire fleet of spaceships but sadly I have been unable to finish the texture work for most of my models but I have been able to finish my main ship to a standard I am happy with. Initially I thought I would struggle with even starting this task but I have come out of it pleased with my work and looking forward to continuing in the field. 

Cai Dampier

Gabriel Gimblett

Han Munro

Salutations! My name is Han I am currently finishing my first year of the game design course and have been focusing on the concept art and illustration side of game design. I have learnt so many things and got to experiment with things that I never even considered trying, such as designing and modelling a tank (in which I won joint first place for the design) and creating an asset pack in a group. I’m overjoyed that I have been able to flex my creative muscle and have the constant support of my teachers with the unique work I’ve done for my final major project. For my future education I plan on attending the illustration course at the university of south Wales because of their varied coursework. 

(Tanks – Click and rotate the 3D model below)

(Kabuki – Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Robot Fmp

Hannah Perrott

Hi, my name is Hannah Perrott. I am about to finish my first year of games design level 3 at Coleg Gwent. This has been an interesting year and I have most certainly learnt a lot on this course. I came on to this course with barely any knowledge on how to do some of the tasks we have done this year. I have learned how to model, texture, animate plus much more. I have also learnt a lot of new software’s as well such as Maya and Substance Painter. I am looking forward to the second year to learn more and to develop upon the skills learnt from this year.

Matthew Hart

Hello, my name is Matthew, and I am currently coming to the end of my 1st year on the Games Design course. I have been mainly focused on 3D modelling and texturing; however, I have learnt a lot in other different professions within the course like level creation, animation, character designs and many other subjects in between. At the very start of this course, I didn’t know how to even model a 3D cube, let alone model an entire battle tank, however it was surprising on how much I learnt within the first few weeks of the course, and even managed to become 2nd in the battle tanks competition. It was hard during the main segment of this year due to Covid-19, but I still managed to improve my workflow slightly and enhanced my modelling skills since the first unit. To improve my skill, I want to go to the university of south Wales to take the enhanced education Games Design course to see what other skills that I could learn and improve. 

(Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Niah Lewis

Hello, my name is Niah Lewis and I have almost finished first year of the level 3 games design course in Coleg Gwent. So far, I have learned how to use 3D modelling software such as Maya and I have a bit of experience with using MudBox. Before I took this course I also started using blender since I have always loved the thought of turning concept drawings and ideas into 3D models. I also have a basic idea of how to use photoshop however I find it complicated to use sometimes since it’s such a complex piece of software. The main program I like to texture my objects with is substance painter since I am very confident in using that and I feel as thought I can get my textures more realistic on there. To be honest, I’ve felt as though Covid-19 hasn’t really helped me a lot in college lately since I found it a lot harder to work from home than actually being in college since I found it hard to ask for help whenever I was having problems with my work. I have also felt like I haven’t gotten the full experience of college because of the pandemic because there are so many restrictions. For my FMP I ended up changing it to the world skills balloon since I didn’t have much time left to finish my actual FMP. 

Ryan Williams

Hello there! My name is Ryan Williams and I’m currently a student in my first year of Games design. In just the first few months of this course I have already learned so much and found something I enjoy some of my favourite aspects being the 3D modelling as I have had examples of creating both mechanical and natural looking models and even more recently looking into character modelling and concept art. As well as the practical work I’ve also learn a lot about the behind the scenes of the thought process build up the game like think about the players reaction to things how will it make them feel is that what you were going for? As for the future Next year I plan on focusing more on what I want to pursue as I now have the experience with the software to take the next step. The next term in college will include a lot of new things and as for later than that I one day hope to become a character design or modeler.  

Sci-fi medieval assets/concepts 

(Simple Island – Click and rotate the 3D model below)

(Portal Low – Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Battle Tanks

(Scorpion Tank – Click and rotate the 3D model below)

World skills hot air balloon 
(Squid hot air balloon – Click and rotate the 3D model below)

Toby Collins

Hello, my name is Toby Collins, and I am now finishing my first year on L3 games design and going into my second year. I have always had a passion for video games and went onto this course to learn the production of them. I have learnt a great deal over the previous year as I used different software such as Maya, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine. After trying all the methods of production, the course offered so far, I have gained new interests in concept designs, modelling and texturing. 

Toga Greer

Hey, my name is Toga and this is the work I completed over the course of my first year of level 3 Games design, I’m passionate about making my own things, but sometimes there are oversights because I get too eager and the finished project ends up being finished with a few mistakes, though, who can blame me for that? I worked hard on them, so I’m already pretty attached to them, and as a result don’t often enjoy it when it turns out I did something wrong, but I’m still very proud of the stuff I’ve made, so there’s that. I drew inspiration from many universes such as Star Wars, Warhammer 40K and Titanfall. I suppose one day I’d like it if I could make models similar to the ones I’ve already made for use in a video game. I plan to achieve this by going to university to further my education.